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December 13th 2023

QuickAPI now has a status page!

The page has two separate tracking:

  1. One for the app itself, which tells you if you can log in to the dashboard and manage your project

  2. One for the API availability, which is an independent system:

For example:

If the application is down (as in the dashboard to manage your project), you may be unable to access the QuickAPI interface, and public project pages may not work. However, this does not impact API calls made directly by users.

We also added a widget to the footer of our landing page to reflect this status.

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December 13th 2023

You can now define a credit cost for each endpoint.

Before, every API call would count as one credit toward the user plan's limit.

Now, you can decide that an endpoint is worth more than another.

You can even set it to zero!

This enables you to have a free unlimited endpoint on an otherwise paid plan.

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